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Bathroom Tile Ideas

By 15th July 2017August 7th, 2019Checkalow Tiles News

Plenty of factors come into consideration when creating the ideal bathroom for your home. Whether you are refurbishing an old bathroom or decorating a new bathroom for the first time, the tiles that you choose for your bathroom can really define the look you are going for.

Things you may want to consider when choosing tiles include the following:

  • Tile Colour- choose a colour that is easy to match with the rest of the bathroom. Consider the fact that you may wish to change the look of your bathroom in coming years and so the tiles you use should be versatile in their appearance.
  • Tile Material – tiles like Victorian tiles will add character. If you want a more modern finish then go with a sleek tile.
  • Grout Colour – if you are choosing mosaic tiles especially, the grout colour can have a large impact of the final appearance of your tiling. For bright colours, choose a light grey colour to draw attention to the tiles.
  • Tile design and texture – as well as porcelain tiles, we offer glass tiles and tiles with various finishes – textured, shiny or matte.
  • Cleanliness – how easy will it be to clean your chosen tiles? If you are wondering whether to replace old tiles in a bathroom, there is also the option of using our cleaning and restoration service to remove limescale or fix cracks or chips.