1) Goods will only be released to you for your collection after we have received payment in full of cleared funds. 
(We offer a strictly kerbside delivery service at reasonable rates. This is on the understanding that at the arranged date you or your agent is there to offload from our vehicle and take ownership of the goods. If there is nobody available to off load we reserve the right to return the goods to our warehouse to await your collection or repeat the delivery charge to redeliver at a revised date.

2) Any availability dates given are offered purely for guidance purposes. They are not a promise or subject to “time critical” contracts. They are usually 3rd party advice, typically trans-European hauliers or Italian factories and as such we cannot be held responsible. Once your order is placed it is under process and we are not responsible for refunds or accept cancellations should the expected date not be met.

3) We can only accept claims where our goods can be proved not to be of merchantable quality and only then if they have not been fixed. Tiles that have been fixed are deemed to be accepted by you. (A qualified tradesman should assess his materials prior to fixing )

4) Please be aware our tiles are manufactured using a “kiln” firing process. Whilst we offer our products bound by strict EU standards, those standards do allow for varied tolerances in calibre/size and colour/shade and “marbling extent “inherent in fired products. However these variations are considered desirable as they add to the overall beauty and natural effect. By following standard procedures and good practice familiar to qualified tilers this effect can be greatly enhanced. He should “set out” using the site materials to gauge optimum pleasing positions for joints and cuts before commencing fixing. He should work from several open boxes selecting at random the next tile rather than only one box at a time.
As your order is from a “batch” subject to these variations we cannot accept any return of unwanted material whatsoever. It is of no use and would be thrown away.

5) Before actually fixing the tiles please check they are what was ordered as no claim will be accepted for any delivery mistake once tiles are fixed

6) We accept no responsibility for assessment of your ordering quantity. It is only possible to do this accurately on site. This is the responsibility of your tiler and any discrepancy in shortfall or over ordering should be taken up with him.

7) Due to the “batch” shade explanation previously outlined, differences between samples/showroom display and your final order are unavoidable and must be expected and accepted.

8) We reserve the right to refer any complaints in the first place regarding adhesives, grouts and sundries to the manufacturer for comment and advice in regard to fault or misuse.

9) All fired products are liable to “crazing”. This is not a fault but a feature of ceramic firing.

10) Any advice given by us in respect of aesthetics, suitability, and practicality for your project is given in good faith and is purely subjective. It is not offered as a specification. The final decision is your responsibility