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Victorian Tiles

Add a touch of history and character to your home with Victorian tiles

Nostalgia for the elegant designs of the Victorian period has seen a rebirth of the classic designs, with patterns taken from the Victorian pattern books being reproduced by a combination of traditional clay and colour stains used with modern production techniques. Our ranges of high quality Victorian tiles are a combination of replicas of the period and added to with some original, more modern designs that were inspired by them too.

Create a timeless, modern- classic design

Typically, Victorian tiling designs consisted of elegant geometric patterns made up of basic shapes including squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, octagons and trapeziums. The tiles were formed into designs that were used to ornament buildings with vibrant patterns and colour schemes that are often closely associated with the Edwardian and Art Deco period. After over 150 years since they were first laid, many buildings are still adorned with their original Victorian tiling, which not only proves how durable they are, but that they have an enduring appeal that transcends through the ages. Because of their striking visual impact, versatility and durability, Victorian floor tiles have continued to be used in public buildings.

Using Victorian Tiles

Our broad range of reproduction Victorian tiles are especially suitable for the restoration of character and listed properties. They allow us to recreate the original traditional designs or to create bespoke new designs based on the period to enable you to add a timeless charm to any property.

Victorian floor tiles can be laid both outdoors and indoors because they are vitrified and so absorb very little moisture. The tiles can therefore be used for pathways, porches and entrance halls or for terraces, verandas and conservatories. The geometric patterns are particularly striking when viewed aerially and so make a great impression in a hallway or lobby.